Drew Band Boosters

Updates from Mr. Colbert on Spring Concert and more

We are very excited to bring the following updates:

  1. The Spring Concert is April 28th@ 7pm in the theater. ALL students will perform. We are asking everyone to wear a white long sleeve top and black pants, shoes and socks. All students will be on stage at one time and we want them to look uniform. We will give awards at this concert. We are asking the parents to provide a nice reception after the concert in the lobby.
  1. The 6thgrade bands are excelling and making progress. If you are the parent of a sixth grade student, you should be hearing at least 10-15 minutes of individual practice per night. If your child is not bringing their instrument home daily, please encourage them to do so. Individual progress hinges on individual practice. We would like to give the sixth grade band classes a small party the last day of school before Spring Break. Sixth grade parents are asked to organize and provide food. We feel that our 6th graders are feeling left out because they did not perform on the Holiday Concert and we want to make sure that they know that they are a very important part of the Drew Band program. We want to keep them involved in the program.
  1. The 7th and 8th grade students are also excelling and progressing. At this level, we expect that students are memorizing their scales and are able to perform a solo of at least 32 measures. Your students should be practicing at minimum of 20 minutes/night. Please encourage them to bring their instruments home daily. Individual progress hinges on individual practice.
  1. The Senior Academy is also excelling and progressing. At this level, we expect that the students are preparing solos, participating in workshops and preparing for local auditions and for Juniors; preparing for college auditions. These students should be practicing a minimum of 25 minutes/night. Please encourage your child to bring his/her instrument home daily. Individual progress hinges on individual practice.
  1. Please note – If your child plays a large instrument, we encourage them to come to the band room and practice before school, during lunch or after school.
  1. Orlando 2016! Members of the Jr. and Sr. Academy will travel to Orlando with members of the Jr. and Sr. Academy Chorus April 1st – 3rd. They will compete in the Festival with an awards ceremony at Universal Studios. It is critical that ALL students attend the prescribed rehearsals previously sent home and posted on Charms. Please let me know if you need another copy.
  1. Georgia Music Educators Large Group Performance Evaluation will include selected Jr. Academy students and All Senior Band students. The performance will be March 10th at Sutton Middle School at 1:30pm. All families are encouraged to attend and give support. The students will be performing for three adjudicators on stage and for one other adjudicator in the sight reading room. Please adhere to the rehearsal schedule for this performance. It is aligned with the Orlando rehearsal schedule.
  1. Snacks and water. Please donate snacks and water for rehearsals. We would like to offer the students snacks and water at all after school rehearsals. We can store them in the band’s storage closet.

Thank you for all you do!

Reginald Colbert, Director

Center for the Arts

email: Reginald.colbert at drewcharterschool.org

470 355 1200